“Eve assisted us with a project that was stalled due to numerous challenges. A critical first step was a highly effective project management training that provided a common understanding of the terminology, the roles and the process. The ‘user story’ exercises were especially helpful in identifying acceptance criteria to refine the scope of the project. Another useful take-away was distinguishing the project plan from the product implementation.”

(J. Vock, University of Arizona Consulting Client, 2016)

“Loved the class.  Eve is very knowledgeable and well spoken.  Very concise in explanations.”

(2016 Student)

“She speaks very well.  It is easy to understand the subject matter because of the logical way she explains it.”

(2016 Student)

“Eve is very effective – she is respectful, takes time to answer questions, she is patient and just great to learn from!”

(2016 Student)

“Eve brings energy and enthusiasm to the subject.  She is engaged in helping students learn and is rapidly available/responsive.  I would love to work with her in the future.”

(2016 Student)

“Eve is incredibly on top of her material.  She is sharp and runs a very methodical class.  I particularly like how effective she was at teaching a course with concepts that are fairly unfamiliar to most in a condensed amount of time.”

(2015 Student)

“The instructor was great and the coursework was directly applicable to real work.”

(2015 Student)

“Eve is so great.  Not only is she a great lecturer, she is so kind, patient and helpful with us on a one-to-one/group basis.  She is willing to take time to explain a concept until a student fully understands it.”

(2015 Student)

“I have enjoyed working with you very much!  Your analysis is keen, your deliverables strong, and your communication style very pleasant.  I think I may have learned a thing or two.”

(D. Bush, 2015 Consulting Partner)

“Eve’s knowledge base was greatly appreciated and the Microsoft Project training was invaluable.”

(C. Woods, 2013 Consulting Client)

“Great knowledge of PMI and best practices. Very good communicator and provided excellent training.”

(B. Roland, 2013 Consulting Client)

“Industry experience, teaching experience and communication are all strengths of P3A.”

(2013 Consulting Client)

“Depth and breadth of project management knowledge [are strengths of P3A].”

(D. Whetzel, 2013 Consulting Client)

“Eve’s very technically skilled with MS Project and PowerPoint. Her presentation skills are excellent throughout all levels of the organization, especially the top levels. Eve brings both an academic and practical approach to project management problem solving. She’s an excellent trainer regarding both content development and delivery.”

(D. Whetzel, 2013 Consulting Client)

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